Vienna Film Commission

"Woman in Gold" in Vienna

„Vienna is an ideal location for shooting“. The producers of WOMEN IN GOLD are very enthusiastic about their shooting in Vienna.


For three weeks British „Origin Pictures“ was filming „WOMAN IN GOLD“ starring top-class actors Helen Mirren („The Queen“), Ryan Reynolds („Green Lantern") and Daniel Brühl („Rush“) in Vienna.

The producers were very satisfied with the process of shooting: „We found the whole experience of shooting in Vienna incredibly positive. We’ve really enjoyed working with the Austrian crews, who are very talented and dedicated, and we particularly have welcomed the support of the Vienna Film Commission, without whom this film would not have been possible. We have had invaluable support from our local coproduction partner ’2nd District Filmproduktion’. It was especially important for us to film this story in Vienna since this is where so much of it took place. For example, in our story we had to recreate, as accurately as possible, the moment when the Germans entered Austria. We needed to make it visually authentic to give powerful sense of what happened as experienced by our central characters. The production has employed more than one hundred local technical crew, and featured more than one thousand local actors and extras. We can only say that Vienna is an ideal location for shooting in, with terrific local crews and wonderful locations. We very much look forward to making other films here in the future. Vienna deserves to be a favoured film making centre for international production.“

The Vienna Film Commission supported not only the shooting itself, it was also involved in the preparation for filming since December 2013. Managing Director Marijana Stoisits was very pleased by the compliments addressed to the local film crew: „The shooting of WOMAN IN GOLD is the biggest one in the history of the Vienna Film Commission. We are glad about the fact, that our services are also appreciated internationally." Locations of filming were the St. Ulrichs-, Juden- und Rooseveltplatz, the City Hall, the Semperdepot, the Academy of Fine Arts, Kaiserwiese, Hotel Sacher, the Konzerthaus, the Opera House, Palais Auersberg and the Belvedere.

WOMAN IN GOLD was produced by Academy Award winning Harvey Weinstein („Shakespeare in Love“, „Pulp Fiction“, „Silver Linings Playbook“, „Django Unchained“). Service Production in Vienna was „2nd District Filmproduktion“.