Vienna Film Commission

Terms of service

By submission of this template I agree to the implementation of the forwarded information into the public accessable database of the Vienna Film Commission until revoked. I do warrant the transmitted information to be complete and correct. I have the opportunity to delete my entry anytime and without cause from the database of the Vienna Film Commission using my own chosen password.

The pictures are used only on the homepage of the Vienna Film Commission. Vienna Film Commission points out, that by transmitting the pictures I do confirm, that I am authorized to transfer the necessary usage rights as cooperation partner of the Vienna Film Commission for the intended use. I will hold Vienna Film Commission harmless regarding all third party claims in this respect, wether out of court or in court, especially of photographers or pictured persons.

As an institution supported by public authorities we are obliged to document our services. Therefore we request your written consent to mention Vienna Film Commission in the end title (in print products within the references), if possible including our logo.