Soundtrack Unlimited GmbH

Markus Pöchinger, born 1968 in Linz, Austria

Founder and owner of Soundtrack Unlimited GmbH, a music production and postproduction facility specializing in sound production for media, located in Vienna.

Founder of Studio 31, an art label for collaborations between Soundtrack Unlimited GmbH and well-known artists outside the field of music. A number of such projects have already been completed.

Music composer for several national and international advertising campaigns.
Music composer for TV movies and TV documentaries
Film music composer for feature films

Soundtrack Unlimited offers professional services in support of audiovisual productions. Our core competence lies in creating music and sound scores for various types of media. In order to better meet the needs of our clients amidst a rapidly changing digital landscape, we cooperate closely with online and video technology experts.

We view innovation as the ability to redefine the challenges faced by our clients, and to meet these challenges in an innovative way. A central goal in all that we do is to maximize client value and benefit.