Austrian Television Fund

The Austrian Television Fund supports Austrian television films and co-productions with domestic and foreign partners. The annual budget of the support program amounts to EUR 13.5 million.
The amount of funding is 20% (up to 30% in exceptional cases) of the reasonable total production costs. The maximum funding limits in individual cases are EUR 1 million per part for fictional productions and EUR 200 000 per part for documentary productions. Funding will be provided in the form of non-repayable grants. Qualified independent production companies are eligible to apply. The decisive criterion for the award of a grant is a clear cultural significance for Austria or Europe brought about by the TV production.
Productions with a length of at least 45 minutes are eligible for funding. In the case of multi-part productions, the length of the individual episodes can be added together.
The expenditure to be realised in Austria should be at least 1.6 times the amount of the subsidy granted and may not be less than this amount. 
An Austrian co-producer as well as cooperation with a national or international TV station are basic prerequisites for applying for funding. 
Grant decisions are made by the Austrian Television Fund’s managing director in due consideration of the grant objectives and after receiving the comments of the review board.
Further information can be found here.