Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7)

The Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7) supports projects in the field of cinematic art. The projects submitted must have a clear reference to Vienna. Eligible for application are legal entities with their registered office in Vienna, registered partnerships with their registered office in Vienna as well as natural persons who have reached the age of 18 years with their main residence in Vienna. Natural persons may submit an application exclusively for individual grants up to a maximum amount of EUR 10 000.

In principle, only projects that meet the following requirements will be funded:

  • Viennese reference: The project must either relate to Vienna in terms of content or Vienna must be the location of the event or production.
  • Public interest: There is a public interest if the project safeguards or enhances the common good or the reputation of the City of Vienna or contributes to cultural progress.
  • From a financial point of view, it must be ensured that the project can be carried out with the funding or that it cannot be started or carried out in its entirety or at all without funding.

The applicant for funding must be economically efficient and have a proper management. 

  • The substantive requirements include the following: 
  • Professional and serious artistic engagement with the medium of film.
  • Clear presentation of the artistic intention, the artistic concept.
  • Realistic plan for implementation.Independence, originality, relevance to the present, openness.