Film Industry Support Austria (FISA)

Film Industry Support Austria (FISA) is a film subsidy program of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs for the production of motion pictures. The total annual budget is EUR 7.5 million. Eligible for funding are Austrian productions, Austrian-international co-productions as well as international productions collaborating with an Austrian service production company. 
The non-repayable subsidy for co-productions and service productions amounts to up to 30% of the eligible Austrian production expenses. Subsidies will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. It can be increased by up to EUR 25 000 within the framework of so-called gender gap financing if a certain number of female employees in selected head departments is guaranteed.
The compulsory minimum budget for international co-productions is EUR 2 million for feature films and EUR 330 000 for documentaries. The minimum expenditure in Austria must amount to EUR 800 000 (EUR 80 000 for documentary films). The minimum budget for service productions is EUR 4 million for feature films and EUR 500 000 for documentary films. The minimum expenditure may not be less than EUR 200 000 (EUR 80 000 for documentary films). 
The presupposed minimum length for feature films and documentaries is 70 minutes (59 minutes for children's films).
The completion of a cultural test is obligatory. 
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