The Vienna Film Fund subsidizes feature films (minimum length: 70 minutes), children's films, cinema documentaries (minimum length: 59 minutes) as well as TV feature films and documentaries.

The annual budget is EUR 11.5 million. The maximum funding amount is EUR 700 000. The areas listed below may qualify for funding: project development, production, cinema release, other exploitation measures and structural measures. 

Applications for funding for cinema and television films can be submitted by the deadlines listed on the Vienna Film Fund website. First-time applicants have to contact the responsible administrator before the deadline. Applications for funding for exploitation or structural measures are not bound to any deadline; applications for exploitation funding must be submitted at least four weeks before the planned measure. 


Funding decisions are made by an independent jury. Essential criteria for receiving funding are the cultural and economic effect of the production on Vienna as well as the artistic added value of the work. At least 100% of the funding granted must benefit the employment of Viennese filmmakers, the use of Vienna's film infrastructure or Vienna as a film location. 

Further information can be found here.