The Nordbahn-Halle is a place of experimentation for sustainable uses in the new Nordbahn district. It is a docking station for creators with a focus on networking and cooperative forms of collaboration.

The hall was successively redesigned as part of the course at the TU Vienna. The rooms of the hall will be architecturally reinterpreted and structurally adapted by students for the various uses - from events to experimental work formats (co-production, co-working).

In June 2017 the first creators moved into the former office wing of the Nordbahn-Halle (coworking fix desk). In November 2017, further creators followed with the 2nd call. The event areas in the hall were also opened in summer 2017 with the Az W exhibition "Care and Repair". Meanwhile, numerous events are taking place, which also invite to dock. A public co-working area with a small restaurant is available to residents and other interested parties daily during opening hours. From February 2018, the Nordbahn-Halle will be extended to include the newly adapted 700m2 factory hall.

@ Markus Fattinger