Himmelteich – Asperner Terrasse

In the 22nd district in the area of the former Vienna Aspern Airport there is one of the so-called "Himmelteiche" (sky ponds). Near Niklas-Eslarn-Straße, the biotope is easily accessible, even with public transportation. In addition to the idyllic "Himmelteich" (sky pond), with an interesting proportion of aquatic plants, there are a number of open spaces, gravel areas and impressive vegetation. An avenue of fruit-bearing trees offers a good contrast to the lush green areas.
Access only possible with approval of MA 49!

Further special features:
- Possible parking spaces
- cultural assets
- footbridge over land and water
- Jungbürgerwald
- gravel areas, pond, meadow

Fotos © Forst-Landwirtschaftsbetrieb der Stadt Wien