Mozarthaus Vienna

Domgasse 5 is the only one of Mozart’s apartments in Vienna that still exists today. The composer lived in Mozarthaus Vienna from 1784 to 1787 in grand style, with four large rooms, two small ones and a kitchen. The life and works of this musical genius are presented in and around this apartment on four exhibition levels. In addition to the historical Mozart apartment visitors can find out about the times in which Mozart lived and his most important works. The exhibition focuses on his years in Vienna, which marked a high point in his creativity. The tour starts on the 3rd floor of the building with details of Mozart’s time in Vienna: where he lived and performed, who his friends and supporters were, his relationship to the Freemasons, his passion for games and much more. The presentation on the 2nd floor deals with Mozart’s operatic works, and the apartment on the 1st floor focuses on the two and a half years that Mozart and his family lived there.
A shop, a café, a concert hall and the Learning Center in the basement of Mozarthaus Vienna complete the offer.

© Mozarthaus Vienna / David Peters