Jewish Museum Vienna

The first exhibition of the new Jewish Museum Vienna opened on 7 March 1990 in temporary premises at the Jewish Community offices in Seitenstettengasse. A significant part of the exhibition was made up of the Judaica collection by Max Berger that had been recently acquired from the city of Vienna. In 1992 the Museum was able to transfer to its present home in Palais Eskeles at Dorotheergasse 11. After renovation and adaption of this historical building, the Museum was reopened in 1993. The library in the Jewish Community offices has been open to the public since 1994. Alterations were carried out to Palais Eskeles in 1995-96 to adapt it to the needs of a modern museum. At this time the permanent exhibition, Installation of Memory in the auditorium, the holograms and the Viewable Storage Area were installed. Since 1998 the archive with its growing collection of material relating to the history of Jewish Vienna has also been open to the public. On 25 October 2000 a branch of the Jewish Museum Vienna was opened on Judenplatz at the same time as the unveiling of the memorial to the 65,000 Austrian Jews exterminated by the Nazis designed by the British artist Rachel Whiteread and erected at the instigation of Simon Wiesenthal.

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