Hotel Kaiserhof Vienna

Traditional Vienna was a place where businessmen, artists, scientists and lovers came together to mix and mingle. Curious and zealous individuals from all over the monarchy and Europe as a whole would flock to the imperial city. Tasteful lifestyle and indulgence played a prominent role in all of this – balls, soirees, concerts and coffeehouses were an obligatory component of this way of life. As one of the most state-of-the-art hotels of its time, our establishment introduced various innovations, such as a lift, or central heating, electricity and running water in all rooms,. During the fading 19th century, the Imperial Court was as much of a paragon for us as it is today, with its wealth of cordiality and cleanliness. The role of the Emperor may perhaps have been reserved to a single person. However, feeling like an emperor — as a result of our professional, charming service — can be experienced by anyone. Timeless things are good, we say!

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