Wiener Börsensäle

Its characteristic red-brick facade renders Vienna’s Stock Exchange at the Schottenring one of the most important monumental structures of the world-famous Ringstraße built in the 19th Century. The Stock Exchange was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph I and constructed between 1871 and 1877 by the Danish architect Theophil von Hansen. Until 1998 it housed the Vienna Stock Exchange.
Since its grand opening in 1877 this magnificent building of such historic value has been the centrepiece of the Ringstraße. With an air of congeniality the renowned architect Theophil von Hansen combined the requirements of the trading floor with accompanying social events, turning the magnificent setting of the Vienna Stock Exchange into a sophisticated hub of both financial and social life.
After a fire in 1956 the Ballroom which can be hired for special occasions was meticulously renovated down to every last detail. Theophil von Hansen’s work is characterized by the grandiose, yet rich-in-detail design of this room which provides a stately frame for major festive events.

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