This quiet film location No. 34: ATELIER FILM LOFT has an area of approx. 170 m² and is suitable for original sound recordings, film and photo shoots. A film studio with 5 large factory windows (300 cm x 250 cm) with lots of natural South/East light in a space of approx. 17x10 meters, without columns. The concrete floor and some parts of the wall have been preserved in their original state (built in 1904). Very popular as a seminar location and for online meetings, team events and location for company events such as workshops and team building events. This film location is directly connected with the romantic little backyard through a stairway.
Location No. 30: ATELIER is situated vis-à-vis on the same floor. Film location No. 33: GRAND LOFT is located one storey below, on the ground floor. Periphery for make-up / costumes / catering / extras etc. is also available. All venues located in the FILMQUARTIER WIEN are only a few steps away from each other and thus are suitable for a variety of purposes, e.g. for vignette films and commercial shootings, especially when several small film sets are required (up to 15 different film sets a day are possible in the FILMQUARTIER WIEN).

Space size: 170 m²
Room height: 3,5 m
Entrances: 2 access points
Floor: original concrete floor from 1904
Windows: 5 large metal windows approx. 300 cm x 250 cm
Walls: plastered walls, partly original, graded ceiling
Periphery: kitchenette and 2 toilets
Additional rooms: 25 m² room for costumes, make-up room, caterer or in the micro loft
Parking: 5 trucks parking spaces available or "no-parking zone" possibility on the street

Quiet and pleasant film location in the 2nd backyard
Can be combined with up to 30 other locations
Up to 15 vignette sets per day can be rotatable
Industrial look
Clear architectural structures
Film location for studio / workshop / loft / apartment etc.
Suitable for original sound recordings
Quiet inner courtyard with vegetation
Parking is possible directly in front of the venue

Interior view: 5 huge factory windows, room height 3,5 meters, original concrete floor
Outside view: green inner courtyard with factory chimney floor from 1825 and many brick surfaces.

Site visits are possible during weekdays until 4.30 PM, you suggest an appointment.

Additional extras:
Large furniture pool with film props in the house.
Various seating arrangements for equipment available in sufficient quantities depending on requirements.
The props inventory offers the perfect backup for all theme events or film shootings.
Rental fee props minus 30% when booking a location. Staff available on request.

Please also have a look at the two film locations GRAND LOFT and FILM LOFT.
In the FILMQUARTIER WIEN there are many different shooting locations and film locations with up to 100 set possibilities for feature film, commercial shootings and television. • More than 5,000 m² of floor space in the same property offer enough space and time folds for vignette films and commercials. • The location Nr. SILENT LOFT is directly connected to location Nr. 14 and via the staircase with locations 16, 17, and 18 • Tens of thousands of in-house props stock complete the offer at FILMQUARTIER WIEN.