MQ Libelle

The "MQ Libelle" is located on the rooftop of the Leopold Museum, built as an extension to the MuseumsQuartier. The terrace is free to access for the public and hosts an iconic dragon-fly design building, planed by architect Laurids Ortner, providing one of the most beautiful views on Vienna City.

Complementary to the architecture, permanent artworks were implemented: "veiled" by Eva Schlegel spreads over the glass hull of the "MQ Libelle" and on the terrace itself the installation "Lichtkreise" ("light circles") by Brigitte Kowanz illuminates the terrace itself.

(c) MuseumsQuartier Wien, Foto: Hertha Hurnaus; Die Fotos dürfen für redaktionelle Zwecke verwendet werden, sofern damit das MuseumsQuartier Wien oder die MQ Libelle beworben werden