Theater in der Josefstadt

The Josefstadt Theatre is one of the most successful stages in the German speaking theatre world. It is known for the best artistic craftsmanship, high quality acting and tradition. It is not just a Viennese theatre; it is an Austrian Institution. The architecture ensures an intimate liaison between actors and audience contributing to the unique performances at the “Theater in der Josefstadt”.

The theatre was founded in 1788 to spur on the tavern’s „Bey den goldenen Straußen” profit. In 1822 demand for the theatre was so high that the small stage was replaced under the famous Biedermeier architect Josef Kornhäusel. In 1924 Max Reinhardt renovated the theatre inspired by the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

Facilities: Loggia Theatre with 3 floors, auditorium, stage, salons, rehearsal stage (dimensions as original stage), additional rooms.

Photos: © Theater in der Josefstadt

© Theater in der Josefstadt