Sträußelsäle Theater in der Josefstadt

The Sträußelsäle - the interval foyer of the Theater in der Josefstadt with its Biedermeier flair - is wonderfully suited as a ballroom or other large events.
In 1924 Max Reinhardt was able to have the Sträußelsäle splendidly renovated by Carl Witzmann. In 1954 the Sträußelsäle were rebuilt by Otto Niedermoser. In 1983, the original wall structure and ornamental decorations were restored after the old originals had been successfully uncovered, and an attempt was made to restore the Biedermeier color with the "Rasumofsky Green". In 2007 the Sträußelsäle were gently renovated as part of the general renovation of the Theater in der Josefstadt.

Equipment: Biedermeier, historical parquet flooring, magnificent wall decoration, encased columns, historical flair, chandeliers.

Theater in der Josefstadt