Tschauner Bühne

The Tschauner Bühne, which has existed since 1909, is the last still existing improvised stage and the only summer stage in Vienna with a sliding roof. In 1987 the building was bought and renovated by the Wiener Volksbildungswerk. It was reopened in 1989. The playing season runs from mid-June to the beginning of September. Plays take place in any weather. The program offers classical improvised theater, impromptu 2.0, music theater, cabaret, music and children's programs. The house in Ottakring has 340 seats. The restaurant with garden and Heurigen atmosphere spoils guests during the playing season with both the classic Tschauner menu (Knacker and beer/sprinkles) and fine delicacies. Since 2016 Monika Erb is the new managing director of the Tschauner Bühne.

Fotos: Tschauner Bühne