APARTMENT in OLD BUILDING with KITCHEN ISLAND has a studio character due to the old metal staircase, but can also be transformed into an artist's or designer's apartment. Facing this loft is a terrace area of approx. 170 m² (location no. 47 terrace/pool) with 3 large Frenche doors on the west side.
A straight and riveted (not welded ) metal staircase (probably built around 1860) leads up to location no. 18 (see ALTBAU LOFT 18).

The floor of the film location No. 16 is brushed and bright white fir. This 78 m² dining and living room features 5 original double box windows on the South-side, a WC cube and wardrobe boxes on the East-side. The apartment was build 1904 and offers 3 entrances.

View to the interior:
Beautiful metal staircase, 3 large glass doors, bulthaup kitchen island

View to the exterior:
To the south: meadow, fruit trees, bushes opposite white old building facade
To the west: towards the terrace and floor-length windows, sauna house,
3 large plane trees

Room size: 78 m² (170 m² terrace)
Room height: approx. 3.5 meters
Entrances: 1 entrance from the staircase, 3 accesses to the terrace, 1 access to the stairs
Location: mezzanine South / West
Floor: white brushed fir
Windows: 5 double box windows and 3 floor-length wooden windows with doors
Walls: white walls

Periphery: Location No. 14 for additional rooms like costumes, make-up, caterer
Parking: 5 parking spaces for e.g. Mercedes Sprinter available, or additional "no-parking zone" on the street
Toilets: available at the venue SILENT LOFT

Location No. 16: pleasantly quiet
Film location in the inner courtyard
Accessible from 3 entrances and
expandable by 2 locations no. 17: via the staircase and no. 18 via the metal staircase in the location
Can be combined with dozens of other locations in FILMQUARTIER WIEN
Clear architectural structures
Suitable for original sound recordings, no echoes
Green area to the South and to the West
Many other film motifs in walking distance
and thus up to 15 film sets for vignettes per 1 day

The FILMQUARTIER WIEN has indescribably many film locations and possibilities, a visit on your part would be better.
You can visit us at any time of the week from 09.00 to 16.30 o'clock or you can make appointments with other arrangements.
Please ask for dates in advance, if there is shooting.

Additional extras:
Large collection of historical film props in the house.
Various equipment available according to requirements.
The pool offers the perfect backup for all theme events or historical film shootings.
Rental fee props minus 30% when booking a location. Personnel available on request.