"Wolkenkratzer" Studio / Photo Studio

The studio was built in the '90s and was used as a nightclub/bar known as "Soul Veranda".

Atmosphere: Because of its history, the studio has an industrially-inspired 90s flair that is very different from a chic glossy studio. Retro sofas, various armchairs and funny accessories contribute to the studio's cosy atmosphere.

Accessibility: The studio is located in a somewhat industrial area between the Manhattan Fitness Studio and the Manhattan multi-storey car park. 10 minutes walk from the U4/U6 station Spittelau or 7 minutes walk from the D-Car tram station Rampengasse. The location is easy to reach by car. Various parking facilities are available.

Infrastructure: The total area of the studio is 130m² with 370cm room height. It is optimised for photographic work and offers many lighting options. The rooms are divided into several areas. The front area consists of an entrance and a lounge with sofa, bookshelf and large rolling shutter gate, which is convenient for deliveries or for additional daylight. Next is the main room with large barred windows on the left and a white wall on the right.

The studio can be used as a complete white room or a completely black room (floor, ceiling, side walls).

The area in the back consists of a well-equipped kitchen, which can also be used as a bar. There are office desks, a make-up area with a long, back-lit mirror, a small workshop and a large toilet area with separate women's and men's toilets. Next to the make-up area there is also a side entrance with a concealed outside space, which appears somewhat sinister and features an old tree trunk. In the In the backside area, there is also access to a small storage room, which can be reached via a steel staircase.

All in all, the atmospheric studio offers many different lines of sight, good lighting options, flexible settings and rooms that are all a little different. It is easy to reach and offers parking facilities.