Water Tower Favoriten

The water tower was built in 1898/99 and supplied the high-lying areas of the 10th and 12th districts of Vienna with drinking water. This task was taken over a few years later by the II. Wiener Hochquellenleitung, which went into operation in 1910. From this time on, the tower was used occasionally, for example when the II. Hochquellenleitung had to be drained for maintenance work. Since 1956, the water tower was no longer in use for water supply.

Between 1988 and 1990, the water tower was completely renovated by the Viennese "Wasserwerke". The reconstruction of the roof ornaments was particularly complex. The ornaments of the roof were reconstructed from the original glazed tiles in 5 colors.

From the roof space of the water tower one reaches the observation platform via a 13 m high spiral staircase. The conical roof rises steeply 60 degrees and consists of a steel construction. On the outside of the top of the tower there is a 1 m wide walkway. At a height of 48 m, it offers an impressive view over Vienna.

The centerpiece of the Water Tower is an 8.1 m high water tank for 1,000 cubic meters of drinking water. This tank is supported at a height of 25.5 m by an inner ring wall. Today, the water tank can no longer be filled, as it is no longer connected to the Vienna water supply network.

At the same time as the tower, the adjacent turbine house was built.

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