Brotfabrik Vienna

The bread factory in the Viennese district of Favoriten was founded in 1891 and was the largest bakery in Europe until the interwar period.

Since 2009, a loft project with multifunctional halls, galleries, studios, showrooms and offices has been under construction on the disused oldest part of the factory site, in the immediate vicinity of the still existing bread and pastry production of Ankerbrot. By attracting cultural institutions such as Hilger Next, OstLicht, Anzenberger Lichterloh and Deutsche Pop, the site is rapidly becoming a decentralized cultural hot spot.

The former Anker Expedition Hall regularly hosts theater, dance and music performances, as well as exhibitions. During the revitalization, care was taken not only to preserve the listed historic buildings. A modern infrastructure was achieved by staircases and elevator towers in exposed concrete, which represent a deliberate contrast to the industrial architecture of the 19th century in brick optics.

Size of the entire site: 16.000 m², size of former anchor expedition hall: 2.200 m² (no columns).

Klaus Pichler