Schönbrunn Palace Park

Schönbrunn Palace Park was opened to the public around 1779 and has been a popular recreational area for the Viennese population and tourists ever since. The palace park has an east-west extension of 1.2 km and a north-south extension of about 1 km.

Special attractions in Schönbrunn Palace Park include the Crown Prince Garden, the Orangery Garden, the Maze as well as the Schönbrunn Zoo, the Palm House and Desert House. Since 1996, the palace park together with Schönbrunn Palace has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Great Palm House presents exhibits of the historical collection in its three houses: the Warm House, the Temperate House and the Cold House. Data on the Great Palm House: length: 111 m, width: 28 m, height: 25 m, surface: 2,500 m².

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