Theater Akzent

Theater Akzent is a proscenium stage. The auditorium with fixed row seating is slightly ascending, the balcony is strongly recessed. 455 seats (95 of which are on the balcony). Removability of the seats allows for the installation of an orchestra pit for operas and operetta.

The theatre’s main stage spans 14.5 metres in width and 12 metres in depth with a maximum play area of 10 x 10 metres. The portal section can be adjusted to a width of 8 to 10 metres and to a height of 3.6 to 5 metres.
Iron curtain (weighing approximately 5,000 kg), elevating platforms, scenery lift (for a direct link of loading bay and stage), portal bridge and the two main curtains (their panels can be lifted or divided) are electrically driven and hydraulically operated. Eleven electrically operated hoists for lifting of curtains, banners and walls.

227 digital dimmers with an electrical power of 3kW or 5kW control more than 200 spot lights both on stage and in the auditorium. Moving lights equipped with the most advanced LED technology and state-of-the-art LED colour changers to ensure efficient and effective implementations of your lighting concepts.
Powerful video beamers transmit projections of any kind from any digital data source and display them full screen on the opera foil.

Main system: P.A: KLING & FREITAG Professional Active Fullrange Soundsystem
Speakers are operated via a Digital Matrix YAMAHA DM 32 24/96
Feeds are mostly performed by our computer system allowing for optimal, timely and quick “random access”.

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