Schubert Birthplace

This is the house where the great composer Franz Schubert was born on 31 January 1797. It was then called "Zum roten Krebsen" (The Red Crab) and was situated in the Viennese suburb of Himmelpfortgrund. Here Schubert spent the first four and a half years of his childhood. The apartment of the large family consisted solely of one room and a "Rauchkuchl" (kitchen with open fire). Today a large part of the top floor is dedicated to the memory of the composer. It presents an impressive documentation of his musical development, his circle of friends, and the important stages of his life. One of the rooms shows numerous portraits of the composer. But the item that frequently fascinates the public most is a seemingly unspectacular pair of spectacles belonging to the composer, which became the "trademark" of Schubert veneration.
The house also includes the Stifter memorial rooms. Some fifty paintings demonstrate the great Austrian author's talent as a painter.