Location: St.-Michael-Gasse 11-15, Großfeldstraße 2-16, Max-Jellinek-Gasse 1, Bubergasse 2a, 1210 Wien

Year of construction: 1966 - 1971

Architect: Peter Czernin, Harry Glück, Matthias Lukas Lang, Karl Leber, Johannes (Hannes) Lintl, Heinrich Matha, Peter Payer, Oskar Payer

Flats: 5533

Großfeldsiedlung ist the largest complex made of concrete in Vienna. Different architects built up in several construction phases a metropolitan ensemble in a green surrounding, which includes two-floor houses as well as 16-floor high towers.

Responsibility: Wiener Wohnen
> Shooting permits via Vienna Film Commission!

Copyright 'Stadt Wien - Wiener Wohnen', Photograph Gerry Frank