The approximately 632 966m2 Donaupark is located in the 22nd district and was designed in 1964 in the course of the Vienna International Garden Show. The park offers several children's playgrounds with sandboxes, swings, slides and climbing combinations, a playground with fitness equipment, ball fields for basketball, soccer, table tennis, bocce and tennis, game tables with chess boards as well as ground chess facilities, skater facilities, a trampoline, a toboggan hill and several public toilet facilities and drinking fountains.

With the Papstwiese the Donaupark has a 20-hectare open green space on which a 56-ton steel cross stands.

The 3.4-kilometer-long Donauparkbahn with three stops runs through the complex.

In and around the 25 000m2 Irissee are plants such as rushes, sedges, cattails, water-plantains, marsh irises, swan flowers, water mint and bur-reed. In addition, there is an old-growth stand of aspen trees.

The park is also home to the 252-meter-high Donauturm and the Korea-Kulturhaus, the former lakeside restaurant. It is partially listed as a historical monument.

Filming permits are issued by Municipal Department 42 - Parks and Gardens.
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