Hannovermarkt is located in Hannovergasse in the 20th District. It was established in 1850 under the name Brigittamarkt. In 1930 the markt was reopened under the name Hannovermarkt and from 1963 to 1965 the line-up bazaar-style design was established. The range consists of a successful mix of low-cost local and oriental products. The colorful and chirpy ambience combined with the 700 square meters farmers' market give the market its special human touch and makes it well worth seeing and hearing. Both the infrastructure and the market stalls themselves were renovated and modernized in 2003.

opening times:
market: Mo-Fr 6-19.30, Sa 6-17
gastronomy: Mo-Sa 6-21

Responsibility: Magistratsabteilung 59 - Marktamt
Shooting permits: Vienna Film Commission!