Wholesale Market Vienna - Großmarkt Wien

The wholesale market was established on an ideally located plot (23. Bezirk) of land covering 400,000 square metres. Construction began in April 1969. Different types of market stand areas with and without railway access, three sales areas for agricultural products (Landparteienplätze), a building for the customs office and Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), a weigh bridge and an administrative building were established for importers and wholesalers. All buildings are made of pre-fabricated components. Already on 26 November 1969 the 3,500 square metres sales area for the wholesale of flowers ("flower hall") opened. The inauguration of the entire area of the wholesale market Wien took place on 30 October 1972. In 1987 the flower hall was extended to approximately 6,400 square metres.

Responsibility: Magistratsabteilung 59 - Marktamt
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