Something as special as the Prater itself is the Prater Museum in the planetarium building. It gives a vivid impression of the changes in the history of Viennese entertainment culture, and is as fascinating as it is bizarre and spine-chilling.

Amusement and melancholy make a poignant mix in such things as the "International Marriage Agency" automatic fortune-telling machine, the legendary ventriloquist doll "Max" (which inspired Helmut Qualtinger!), or a dragon (lindworm) from a grotto ride torn down a long time ago. he large original model of the 1873 Vienna World Exhibition reminds the visitor of both the city’s desire to show off its best side and a painful flop – visitors stayed away because the threat of cholera hung over the city. The homunculus shoes, the giant's suit and the "Bodiless Lady" are relics of the freak and sensation shows of the late nineteenth century, so alienating to today's taste. Vienna's legendary "strong men" are also represented in the show.