The Stadtpark, located in the 1st and 3rd district (Innere Stadt and Landstraße) was opened in 1862 and houses on about 95,934 m2 numerous monuments and sculptures, among others of the composers Franz Schubert, Franz Lehar and Anton Bruckner as well as of the painter Hans Makart and last but not least the world-famous Johann Strauss monument (bronze statue with marble relief from 1921).

There are six ornamental fountains and three drinking fountains. Large avenue trees shield the park from the ring road. Meadows, water areas and ornamental shrubs, as well as rare and protected trees (Ginko, Christ's Thorn, Pyramid Poplar, Caucasian Wingnut) are characteristic for the park, within which several restaurants, inns and “Schanigaerten” as well as the Kursalon Wien are located. Public toilet facilities are available.

The Wienfluss runs through the Stadtpark (entrance through the Wienflussportal) and is crossed by two bridges (Kleine Ungarbrücke, Stadtparksteg). A dog zone on the Wienflusspromenade, playgrounds and park benches complete the design of the historic garden area.

Filming permits are issued by Municipal Department 42 - Parks and Gardens.
Applications must be submitted via the Vienna Film Commission.

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