3Rd November 2021

At the industry evening in the pharmacy wing of Schönbrunn Palace, Günther Mayerl, head of the marketing department, Petra Peric and Jakob Müller from the Schönbrunn Group's film and photo team presented all the properties that are available as filming locations.

This is Schönbrunn Palace itself, including the Grand Gallery, the White Gold Rooms and the Bergl Rooms, as well as the palace park, the Gloriette and the Orangery. In addition, the Sisi Museum located in the Hofburg, the Furniture Museum Vienna as well as Hof Palace and Niederweiden Palace in Lower Austria.

The coordination with the partners of the Schönbrunn Group, such as the Federal Gardens or the Federal Real Estate Administration, is usually also handled by the Schönbrunn Group's film and photo team.

In addition to the presentation of possible film locations, the most important do's and don'ts were also presented, which must be considered when filming in a historical location. These include, in particular, strict adherence to any set of rules defined in advance by contract; among other things, the independent removal of cords is strictly forbidden. 

© Vienna Film Commission
Special permission is required for filming individual objects and paintings. It is also mandatory to maintain a distance of 50 cm from all historical objects and to use cold light or battery light (max. 12 V, 100W).

Filming in areas open to visitors is generally only possible outside opening hours, although exceptions are possible in Hof Palace and the Furniture Museum depending on the type and size of the project. This rule does not apply to the Weissgoldzimmer and Berglzimmer, as these rooms are not open to visitors. 

The prices for the filming will depend on the project.  

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