50th Round Table

Peter Kleemann, press spokesman for Vienna International Airport and his colleague Stefanie Tomanek presented Vienna Airport as a location for filming in the VIP and General Aviation Terminal. In addition to classic airport motifs such as arrival hall, check-in, or flight apron, Vienna International Airport also offers the option of using airport office buildings, parking garages or IT data centers as a driving force. Shooting is possible on land and air side.

The VIP and General Aviation Terminal is a fully functioning airport, offering the same services as the main building, with lounges, security and border controls, dining and waiting areas. Shooting is usually easier to realize here. Important for a quick process are detailed information on motive, team size, fleet, shooting times, team rooms, etc. Shooting at night is easier to implement, so as not to hinder the regular airport and passenger operations. Filming in airplanes is possible and requires a release by the respective airline.

The lead time for editing shoot requests depends on the size of the project. The more extensive, the more lead time is necessary for processing the filming request. In principle, security checks are required for crew and cast as well as for technical equipment during filming in the transit or "airside" area.

The cost of filming is determined by the cost of Vienna Airport.