46th Round Table

Alexander Hengl, media spokesman for Marktamt Wien, MA 59, informed at the 46th round table at Palais Daun-Kinsky about the application procedure for filming in the Viennese markets. 

All shooting projects in the area of ​​responsibility of MA 59 must be requested via the Vienna Film Commission. The signing of the contract takes place when picking up directly from the MA 59' office. 

Filming on a daily basis for media like TV, radio, news services and press will not require a permit, but must be announced by a call to the MA 59.

Filming is possible on all Viennese markets. At Naschmarkt, however, due to the high number of visitors on Fridays and Saturdays only shooting with small teams of max. 2-3 persons will be approved. 

Filming at Christmas markets (with the exception of the Christkindlmarkt on Rathausplatz) and so-called occasional markets (eg Christmas or New Year's markets) must also be approved by the MA 59. All markets in the area of ​​responsibility of MA 59 are listed online: https://www.wien.gv.at/freizeit/einkaufen/maerkte/index.html

If required and if available, various staff rooms of the MA 59 can be rented for shooting. Permits are usually free of charge. Above all, additional costs will apply, such as the use of cars, renting rooms, cleaning, specialist staff or market surveillance.