49th Round Table

At the 49th Round Table Christian Schantl (Department of Marketing & Communication), Vildana Osmanbasic (Marketing & Communication) and Christina Klement (Customer Manager Department Mobile Operations Team) of Wiener Wohnen provided information about filming in community buildings in the city of Vienna.
In addition to vacant flats, Wiener Wohnen also offers laundry rooms, business premises, basement rooms, staircases, courtyards, gardens or roof areas. Shooting in private homes of community buildings require only the consent of the tenant and the compliance with the house rules. For all other filming, such as in stairways, courtyards, etc., a permit from Wiener Wohnen is required. Filming requests must be made through the Vienna Film Commission.
For shooting in staircases or courtyards, a request must be made 2 weeks prior to shooting. For shooting in apartments, a lead time of 4-6 weeks is scheduled. 
Depending on availability, Wiener Wohnen is looking for a suitable property.  When using electricity in an apartment, the charge is made on a flat basis via Wiener Wohnen, in the case of external connections directly via Wien Energie.