51st Round Table

At the 51st round table, Tania Hlozek and Ing. Josef Gottschall, responsible for public relations and communication at Wien Kanal, answered questions and answers concerning shooting in the sewer system of Vienna.

They took the guests of the evening to the original locations of the film classic "The Third Man" by Carol Reed, where the chase of Orson Welles alias Harry Lime was filmed.Both motifs are still available for filming. The parking areas of the Girardi Park above and the parking bay in front of the Café Museum can be used for filming with the approval of the MA46.

For a limited period in mid 2020, there will be an opportunity to film in the 23rd district's new underground storage reservoir, the "Gelbe Heide", which is currently under construction.

Filming in the Vienna sewer system is possible throughout the year and has to be coordinated with the dates of the Third Man Tour. The lead time for editing shoot requests depends on the size of the project. For very large shootings, applications should be handed in at least one month in advance, and at least 10 days before shooting with the Vienna Film Commission.For security reasons, only shooting up to 20 people can be approved. The film production companies or the responsible location managers are informed by Wien Kanal about evacuation measures and security measures. The costs are based on the costs of Wien Kanal and are calculated by hour.

First contact for filming at Wien Kanal is Tania Hlozek.