54th Round Table

June 23 2020

At the 54th round table of the Vienna Film Commission at Palais Ferstel, Nina Dorfmayr, the responsible lawyer at Austro Control, informed about the new EU drone regulation.

The new EU regulation is valid from 31.12.2020 and will be fully applicable from 01.01.2023. The regulation creates Europe-wide uniform rules for the operation of drones and is based on a risk-based approach for the classification of the different operating categories of drones.Details on the operating categories, the permits and the requirements for pilots can be found in the download below.

The document contains the timetable for the implementation of the regulation in Austria and the rules for the transition period, which will last until 01.01.2023. It is necessary to register all operators of drones from 01.01.2021 on the homepage of Austro Control. Further information and downloads can be found on the following website, which is regularly updated by Austro Control: www.dronespace.at

Currently, the website is only available in German. Inquiries can be made in English as well via the E-Mail Address: dronespace@austrocontrol.at


Präsentation Rechtliche Voraussetzungen für Drohnenflüge | PDF - 1.43 MB