JUNE 22, 2021

On June 22nd, the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION organized a Round Table in cooperation with the Friedhöfe Wien (Cemeteries of Vienna). Cornelia Fassl is responsible for communication and marketing at the Friedhöfe Wien. She informed about motifs, possibilities, and requirements for film shootings on the premises of the Viennese cemeteries. 

Filming is possible in all 46 cemeteries: in the forest and animal cemeteries, in cremation and burial halls as well as cold in the storage rooms and the washing facilities for sanitary coffins. It is also possible to rent vehicles from the Friedhöfe Wien vehicle fleet. These are only provided with a driver. The rental of service clothing is also only possible in combination with an employee of the Friedhöfe Wien. Props such as coffins, crosses or flower arrangements can be rented or purchased. Coffins that need to be lowered for filming have to be purchased by the production and cannot be rented. Selected existing headstones may be veiled for filming on short notice and replaced with custom "film headstones." Graves for filming may be excavated upon request not exclusively in the cemeteries of the city of Vienna, but also in other grounds, provided the permission has been granted by the municipal department in charge of the area.

Filming must not jeopardize the smooth operation of the cemetery or burials.  

Click here to download the presentation (German only):

Präsentation Dreharbeiten bei Friedhöfe Wien | PDF - 1.85 MB

Cornelia Fassl - Friedhöfe Wien