Tremens Film Tonstudio

SOUND-POST-PRODUCTION for cinema, TV & other media
(founded in 1989, Austria´s largest private owned soundstudio - specialized on all aspects of sound for picture postproduction)

* DUBBING - MIXING - all formats
(THX dubbing theatre & TV mixing studios)
* ADR - Sprachsynchronisation
(large specialized recording studio - big enough for crowd recording - variable acoustics)
* FOLEY - Geräuschsynchronisation
(large specialized recording studio - variable acoustics - water basin - huge prop archive)
* SOUND EDITING SUITES (Nuendo & ProTools)
(4 acoustically treated rooms with air condition and online access to largest SFX library in Vienna)
(professional media transfer from and to almost all formats including Dolby E encoding)
(customer garage, recreation area, conference room, WLAN internet access, FTP server)