Permits for filming on public traffic areas

Permits for larger shooting projects on public traffic areas (streets, pedestrian zones, sidewalks), “no parking zones” or traffic stops must be applied for at the “Customer Centre/Film” of the Municipal Department Traffic Management and Organisation (MA 46). No letter of recommendation from the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION is required for this.

If certain requirements for filming on public traffic areas are fulfilled (e.g. team size up to 5 persons, no interference with public transport, etc.) the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION can issue a so called "Limited Filming Permit".
All information about this "limited filming permit" can be found here.

"Local hearings"

In the context of complex filming projects, the municipal department Traffic Management and Organisation (MA 46) can schedule a local hearing. 
Cases where a local hearing is normally necessary includes:

  • the closing of main or secondary roads, 
  • if traffic stops are necessary,
  • and if special circumstances exist like heavily frequented sidewalk areas and extensive traffic diversions.

Deadlines for applications

Applications for filming permits that are not expected to require local hearing: at least 10 working days before the scheduled date of filming
Applications for filming permits that are expected to require a local hearing: at least 20 working days before the planned date of shooting
Applications for no-parking zones only: at least 6 working days before the planned shooting date

Contact persons in the Customer Centre/Film

Oliver Siedl, Tel.: +43 1 811 14 92665
Gottfried Maier, Tel.: +43 1 811 14 92984
Martina Zinterhof, Tel.: +43 1 811 14 92130
Georg Mahel, Tel.: +43 1 4000 92113
Harald Joch, Tel: +43 1 4000 92640


Further information and the application form can be found here.
 Please notice, that the Website is currently only available in German.

If you have any questions please contact the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION.