Permits for filming within the jurisdiction of the Vienna City Administration

For filming on Vienna City Administration premises (municipal departments and enterprises of the Vienna City Department), an application form must be submitted through the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION's website. The application for a permit must be completed in full.  A project synopsis (= description of the content of the project; exclusively as a PDF document) must be submitted with the application. After the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION has reviewed the application, a letter of recommendation will be issued. All documents will be forwarded to the relevant municipal department for further processing. 

ATTENTION: The VIENNA FILM COMMISSION's letter of recommendation is not a filming permit.The filming permit will be issued directly by the respective department.

In order to apply for a filming permit on areas of via donau or the municipal department Water Management (MA 45), a screenshot from the here linked map (please activate the “Grundstückskataster” on the left side) must be enclosed, on which the desired filming location is marked. 

For filming in the area of responsibility of the following offices, a filming permit must be applied for through the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION:

Municipal Departments of the City of Vienna

Cultural Affairs (MA 7)
Municipal and provincial archives of Vienna (MA 8)
Vienna City Library (MA 9)
Vienna Kindergartens (MA 10)
Child and Youth Welfare Service (MA 11)
Education and Youth (MA 13)
Environmental Protection (MA 22)
Bridge Construction and Foundation Engineering (MA 29)
Vienna Water (MA 31)
Public Lighting (MA 33)
Building and Facility Management (MA 34)
Parks and Gardens (MA 42)
Municipal Swimming Pools (MA 44)
Water Management (MA 45)
Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet (MA 48)
Forestry Office and Urban Agriculture (MA 49)
Sports Office (MA 51)
Schools (MA 56)
Market Authority (MA 59)
Fire Services and Disaster Relief (MA 68)
Real Estate Management (MA 69)
Ambulance Service (MA 70)

Enterprises of the Vienna City Department

City of Vienna - Housing in Vienna (Gemeindebauten - "municipality buildings")
Stadt Wien Marketing GmbH (Rathausplatz – Vienna City Hall Square, Eistraum & Weihnachtstraum Christmas market)
Vienna Waste Water Management (Vienna sewer system, 3rd man tour )
Vienna Healthcare Group (Hospitals and nursing homes)
Wiener Lokalbahnen (Badner Bahn)
Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Wiener Sportstätten Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.


via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft m.b.H. 

If you have any questions please contact the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION.