Terms and Conditions Production Guide / Location Guide

By submitting this form or entering the data on the website, the organization/person (hereinafter referred to as the "user") disclosing the data agrees to the inclusion of the specified data in the publicly accessible databases of the Vienna Film Commission GmbH ("VFC") until such consent is revoked.
The user guarantees that the data provided is complete and correct and that he/she is authorized to enter this data in the database. The entry can be deleted from the database of VFC at any time and without giving reasons through a notification per Email, or can be adapted by accessing the database with the password. VFC emphasizes the fact that the password has to be kept safe, and shall not be disclosed to third parties. For the reasons of data security and password protection, a password should be selected which is not used by the user for identification on other platforms or other services.
The services of VFC, in particular the publication on the internet is free of charge; VFC therefore assumes no liability in the context of its services.
The photos and images are used on the homepage of the VFC for public access. VFC points out that it is necessary that the user who provides the photos and images, must have the necessary exploitation rights and/or copyright. If this is not the case, and VFC confronted with a claim, the user is liable for all resulting expenses and costs for an extra judicial or legal dispute (especially by photographers or displayed persons and other holders of rights of use) and indemnifies and holds VFC harmless. 
VFC only shares data with interested parties or makes data publicly available on the internet. VFC is not responsible for the execution of the contracts between the persons. VFC has no obligation to inspect or give notice regarding the data entered into the databases. VFC assumes no liability for the accuracy of the data entered by the database users.
As a publicly funded institution, the VFC is committed to documenting the free services. The organization / person therefore declares its agreement that the VFC in the credits (in the print section in the imprint / bibliography) is mentioned by name, if possible with a logo, of the organization / person.
Note: VFC processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Further information on the processing of personal data can be found at www.viennafilmcommission.at/en/Data-Privacy