About Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria. The cityscape reflects its rich cultural history and provides an ideal combination of historic buildings and contemporary architecture. The Ringstraße, a 5.3 kilometer showpiece boulevard, was opened in 1865. Altogether Vienna has 163 city and garden palaces – the Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg are former imperial residences. 

Vienna is a very green city with many parks and gardens that make up almost 50% of the city’s total area, 5% are covered by water. The Danube Island, with a size of over 21.1 kilometers, separates the Danube stream from the New Danube. In addition, Vienna has more than 700 hectares of vineyards. 

The city is situated between the Vienna Woods in the Northwest at 542 meters above sea level and the Danube Floodplain National Park in the East at 151 meters.Situated in the heart of Europe and with excellent transport links, Vienna is the natural hub of Central Europe, especially to the East. 


Population: 1.8 Million inhabitants, 2.7 Million in the Metropolitan Area
Urban Area: 415 km2
Currency: Euro
Language: German, English is widely spoken
Temperature: Summer: 22°C (70°F) to 33°C (91°F), Winter: -5°C (23°F) to +5°C (41°F)
Elevation: 151 to 524 M / 495 to 1.719 FT
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)